TOP 5 VIDEO MARKETING MYTHS | Video Production in Boca Raton, Delray, Palm Beach, Broward
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Hands down, video marketing is a powerful tool for generating leads and capturing new customers. You know that.  So why aren’t you using it yet?

Your reason for the reluctance might be one of these top myths about video, like it’s too expensive or difficult to track. Not anymore. If you haven’t seen what video can do for your company now, it’s time to stop putting video off.

Myth 1. Creating video is time-consuming and cumbersome

This usually means, “I don’t know where to begin.”  That’s because unless it’s your profession, video requires a learning curve to produce one you are proud of and that enhances your brand.  Leave it to the experts to work within your budget to prepare, script, shoot and edit your video vision.

Check out some examples of brief, affordable videos we produced in a series about a quality caregiving.

Myth 2. Our industry doesn’t really use video

Really? Maybe you mean, “…doesn’t use video yet.”  In which case you have a great opportunity to leap ahead of your competition.  Remember, both B2B and B2C are really B2H (business-to-human), and humans love videos.  Just look at some stats:

  • 82% of all internet traffic is video (source: Cisco)
  • 87% of marketing pros use video as a marketing tool because it increases user engagement and improves brand trust. (source: Wyzowl)
  • 88% of video marketers report a positive ROI with video. (source: Wyzel’s State of Video Marketing research)

In fact, the industries with the greatest video opportunities are those where video has been underused.

Myth 3. Video doesn’t have enough uses

On the contrary, video is perhaps the most dynamic and repurpose-able type of content you have. It increases open rates for email, boosts click through rates for landing pages, encourages shares on social media, increases time on the website pages and drives more leads than text alone.  And a video can be re-edited for other purposes over time. 

Myth 4. Video is hard to track

Video has some unique characteristics that make it highly trackable. There are free video tracking services and paid platforms that go into depth about viewers.  From the latter, you can automatically infer an individual’s interest in particular products or value propositions that appeared in the video.  With CRM and marketing system integrations, you don’t have to spend all your time on these analytics.

Myth 5. Video is too expensive

Sure, if it’s created by an ad agency for airing on a TV show. Otherwise, a professional video that enhances your brand is absolutely reasonable today for the quality, expertise and time that goes into producing it.  Let us show you how.

Realizing that video isn’t nearly as expensive, difficult or untraceable as you previously thought, why are you still putting it off?  Email or call us to get started: or 954-776-3404.

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