Print Media | Video Production in Boca Raton, Delray, Palm Beach, Broward
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Print Media


How do you consume your news? Do you access it digitally through multiple outlets? Through traditional newspapers, magazines, newsletters? Or both? Whatever your way, content is king and multi-media journalism—digital or print media– is still journalism! The information and writing style need to be editorially alert and enriched by visuals so readers are engrossed all the way to The End.

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Journalism Mics

Journalism is still prestigious. It brings positive PR with longevity. When your business or organization is featured in a respected publication–print or online– it’s tantamount to receiving a badge of honor, a seal of approval, a confirmation that your work warrants coverage and readers will want to know about you.

Take control of your journalistic destiny by publishing your own enewsletters and periodicals, too. We create/write/edit professional, customized publications and Web content featuring your message, brand stories and editorials. At Multi-Media Works, we present you with journalistic integrity.

You can benefit from our track record creating your own news outlets and narrative that meets your needs: niche newspapers, newsletters, regular columns, blogs, special sections and features.

Take advantage of our experience behind the news desk, we have done it all!

Books Work!

Are you an expert in a subject? Have you written a good book about it? Becoming an author increases your visibility and credibility in your field of expertise. A trendy book can give you a competitive edge and catapult you to stardom. The income is lucrative If it becomes a best seller. Yes, it could happen!

You don’t need to be a natural writer. At Multi-Media Works, we work with you to develop and write a clever book about your expertise. The book becomes part of your multi-media mix. Published in print or as an e-book, you also leave a legacy.

We specialize in developing and writing expertise-type books that sell. One landed on the New York Times Best Seller List! Contact us to explore book ideas for you.

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