Video For NonProfits | Video Production in Boca Raton, Delray, Palm Beach, Broward
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Video For NonProfits

Video for Nonprofits!


Build Your Brand Stories with Video

Make people care about your nonprofit organization through good video storytelling. Powerful videos happen when good stories well told are combined with good moving pictures. That’s how an organization can become memorable and the video can arouse viewers to take action.

At Multi-Media Works, we have won multiple awards over the years for videos about nonprofit organizations and associations. We love harnessing the power of video to raise awareness about worthy causes and generous sponsors and donors devoted to improving quality of life. Their efforts and accomplishments become heroic, compassionate and inspiring to viewers as we help your stories unfold.

If you want to exist on the Internet, post videos that people will watch–compelling videos that can be used as tools for fundraising, awareness-raising and recruitment.

Our Doing Good Works YouTube Channel by Multi-Media Works is devoted to producing and featuring compelling stories about nonprofits, from commercials to short segments to educational mini-documentaries.

The Doing Good Works channel brings together companies, foundations, donors and volunteers with staff and recipients to showcase good organizations and the remarkable work and dedicated people involved in them.

Multi-Media Works produces a variety of Doing Good Works videos to suit the budgets and needs of nonprofits/NGOs. Our goal is to make viewers care about you through good video storytelling!


A business or foundation that supports a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit and underwrites the cost of a fundraising video can receive a “made possible by…” credit acknowledgement at the end of the video and elsewhere. Please contact us for numerous video sponsorship opportunities and types to suit your interests.


We love producing and showcasing remarkable you (Yes you are!) as a valued nonprofit/NGO providing vital services.


  1. Fundraising Events: edited highlights with sound bites from a sponsor and nonprofit representative


    1. Recruitment: target a type of volunteer or donation


  1. Mission: highlight a specific program (s) in a short series of videos or aspects of your general mission


  1. Recipients: who benefits and different ways they benefit (short series or one video)


  1. Commercials: broadcast quality or for social media


  1. Fulfillment Testimonials: from recipients in their own words (short series)


  1. Donors/Sponsors: spotlight on individual donors/sponsors and why they or their companies give (short series)


  1. Educational Mini-Doc: sweeping overview of important aspects of the organization and recipients served


  1. Day in the Life: raw behind the scenes edited short videos about day in the life of the nonprofit through the eyes of staff and volunteers


  1. Reaching a Fundraising Goal: short updates on donations and who gave to help reach what goal (s)


  1. Call to Attention: showing problem (s) in the world your nonprofit is fixing and how. Includes a call to action


  1. Thank You: Story about the journey of a donation (s). Staff and recipients express gratitude to donors


  1. Fun: We know nonprofits do serious work, but staff and volunteers also have fun doing it together. Show the lighter moments enjoyed together.


  1. Highlights: overall work and accomplishments of a nonprofit during a time period


  1. Awards: honoring donors, staff, volunteers for outstanding help and work. Includes a short bio about each honoree before they receive an award.


  1. One Donation: ways one large donation is making a difference


  1. Donation Series: 60 seconds about how each small donation helped a recipient


  1. Program Series: 60 seconds about each program/service you provide and impact made


  1. Training Videos for staff and volunteers

“The video is GREAT!  Everyone who has seen it loves it.  You touched on all the critical points perfectly and your footage does such a perfect job of showing what is being said.  This video will be invaluable in raising the money for the next annual medical symposium…”

—Bill Camp, President
California-Honduras Institute for Medical & Educational Support (C.H.I.M.E.S. Project)