THE NEXT NORMAL IN 2021 | Video Production in Boca Raton, Delray, Palm Beach, Broward
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The pandemic has been sooo isolating.  So, businesses looking to get ahead in 2021 will evolve and grow by creating a sense of belonging.  Video is the one powerful tool that can build a relationship quickly with your customers, community and prospects to nurture a feeling of belonging.

  1. Telling authentic stories via video will be the next normal trend.

Authentic stories give access to your brand, create brand awareness and highlights your brand personality.  Brand Awareness means creating videos that show who you are, your core culture and what you offer.  Use stories to show up consistently with clarity and conviction in your messages.  Access to your brand with video means creating a story video (s) that explains how your company works. 

  1. Craft a video strategy around what people like to buy from you.

This involves creating an authentic mobile video series demonstrating each product/service.

  1. Create videos for e-commerce that bring products to life vs. a photo or text.

Why?  Retention.  Research shows that one minute of online video is equal to 1.8 million written words retained.  (Source: MarketingSherpa).  People like watching an engaging videos more than reading.  Engaging is the key.

  1. Use video stories to build trust, transparency and community will be the next normal, especially in social media. In other words, the next normal for video will be about stories to post that enhance the authenticity, transparency and inclusive feeling of your business and you.

Yes, you have great belonging business stories to tell.  And we love writing, producing and sharing them in video mini-movies.  Contact us to create the next normal in video for and with you:

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