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Think about your determination and hard work, your ability to overcome obstacles in building your business. How did it all start? That’s the stuff of your movie. It can be as short as 90 seconds or several minutes long. Told well, a short movie helps viewers understand your exceptionalness and why they should contact and work with you.

Here’s a great recent example: Toyota sponsored a series of mini-movies that just aired on the Superbowl and Olympics broadcasts. You may have seen these 90-second commercials featuring inspirational athletes with the theme “Start Your Impossible: Every Great Journey Begins with a Single Step.”

In this one, you get to know and appreciate the McKeever Brothers in 90 seconds; their determination, hard work and drive to overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle and together win 10 gold medals.

After just 90 seconds, there’s no doubt you would choose to work with these exceptional brothers if you could. Granted, Toyota had a boundless budget for each commercial like this one to brand the company as caring and supportive. Also, they starred extreme cases of athletes starting their impossible.

But that doesn’t mean the concept of making a short movie starring the specialness of you and your company is impossible. Applying their inspiring words, you can “Start Your impossible” with your own short movie adjusted for your own budget.

By successfully attracting your audience, you’ll build brand awareness and generate traffic to your website and your other online channels. But, most importantly, you’ll take that first single step to present yourself professionally.

94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. (Source: Wyzowl)

17% of non-video marketers don’t use video for marketing as they don’t know where to start.

We love telling stories in short, memorable movies about a company’s journey! Let’s help get your impossible started from a single step starring you, your company, your product (s), your services:

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