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video marketing


Your key to weathering The Great Resignation storm.

We tend to equate “marketing” with external efforts directed at customers. But this shortsighted focus overlooks the power of marketing to one of the company’s most critical audiences: its employees. After all, employees are the ones charged with delivering the customer experience.

Internal video marketing – not just external – could be your key to weathering The Great Resignation of employees. Overlooked by most companies, it is integral to retaining the best and brightest.

An Internal marketing video is the promotion of the company’s brand to employees: the vision, goals, culture and mission within the organization. It’s about addressing why employees feel they need to leave their jobs and creating content aimed at those issues to retain them.

1. Appreciating Your Brand

Do employees appreciate the mission and values of your business? The worthwhile
reason for its existence?
In this video we wrote and produced for HomeWell of South Palm Beach, the owner
relates his heartfelt story for starting the business. Both employees and customers can
relate to him and the clear mission.

2. Appreciating staff

Does your staff feel appreciated? A video is a convincing way to show appreciation
and say thank you. Internal video marketing is often treated as an afterthought rather
than a core component of a holistic marketing strategy that helps the business flourish.
Take a people first approach. In this climate, you can’t afford to ignore your staff.
Consider creating video content for them as well as your external audience.

3. Accomplishments we achieved together (in the past six months) in video

4. New company policies, changes, approaches communicated clearly in a video so here is no confusion or misunderstanding

5. The culture of caring we create together

Employees want to experience a sense of belonging, a connection to the work that
they’re doing and a higher purpose. For those who feel their role lacks purpose and are
reassessing their priorities, videos like this one we produced.

Do you have effective internal marketing videos?

Let’s brainstorm ideas for your company to retain employees.

Contact Diane Singh, Account Manager: 954-776-3404 or

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