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Brand Gratitude with Video

Can a brand be thankful?
Even though brands aren’t people, this time of year businesses like to show their brand in a humanized light.  Usually, it’s with a perfunctory gratitude phrase such as “Thank you for your business,” or “We are grateful to our clients.”   But when pleasantries are automated, the sentiment carries little meaning.

Yet on an emotional level, gratitude is a powerful emotion.  When experiencing it, we are uplifted, incapable of feeling darker forces.  When such a strong emotion is available, brands want to get involved. If they can be present in times of gratitude, they hope we’ll associate their business with that strong feeling.

Yes, the aim is to build emotional pathways for customers to choose your company and feel loyalty to it.  Particularly at Thanksgiving, it’s natural for companies to express their own gratitude toward us, their target audience.  But do it authentically.

Can a brand convey a human expression of gratitude in an authentic way?

We know that soulless government and business entities are avatars of a legal structure, the latter designed to sell services or products transactionally.  But they can become capable of a complex emotional expression that transcends the mere commercial exchange.  Like, say, gratitude. 

So even while your brand remains an artifice for a human, you can make it an engine for an authentic human impact. That’s when your appeal and reach are much improved. And it’s accomplished effectively with video.

Example: check out this video we produced for the Broward County Human Services Department about a new building.  Sounds soulless—no way to humanize it?  Wrong.
With a creative approach, gratitude became the theme authentically and powerfully expressed throughout the video.

This building and the government officials that commissioned it became instantly humanized and appreciated in the video.  That’s what your business should aspire to capture for your target audiences.  But how?




Contact Diane Singh, Account Manager in South Florida, for creative video ideas that humanize your business or entity with video and express your gratitude authentically: or 724-272-7910.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Multi-Media Works Team

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