FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER | Video Production in Boca Raton
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FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER | Video Production in Boca Raton

Boca Raton

FEBRUARY NEWSLETTER | Video Production in Boca Raton


CBE/SBE certified & insured

Win Hearts for Your Brand

A brand’s emotional appeal begins by connecting customers and prospects to a story.  Stories pull us in and create long-lasting impressions.  Realizing this should be your motivation to start telling memorable video stories about your business.  Moving pictures and good storytelling, that’s the winning combination to create a connection with customers.    

Because brand loyalty relies so heavily on personal and customer experiences, you’ll want your video stories to engage audiences so your business earns a place in their hearts thus keeps your brand top of mind. 

Steps to Win Hearts with Video:
Story Structure

Give your video a story structure:  a beginning, middle and end


Beginning:  Open with a setup—a problem to solve.  That’s what your organization or business does basically, it solves a problem (s). 
Middle:  Add a confrontation–what’s at stake to overcome the problem?  What’s the conflict?  Usually it is a tension, something at stake, something to overcome.   

What action was taken to solve the problem?  

End:  the resolution–how did your action (s) and skills resolve the problem?

End, Beginning, Middle.  Sometimes the open of your video story may start with the end (the successful resolution), then the story of how the success happened is told from the beginning as backstory.
Superbowl commercials can be considered the gold standard of short videos that go straight for the heart.  This Toyota sponsorship commercial from a previous Superbowl is an example.

Granted it includes creative graphic imagery in the storytelling (big budget).  But it’s the way the story is succinctly told featuring the real person (authentic) that grabs your heartstrings.  This one starts from the successful ending (resolution) then tells the backstory from the beginning. Hankies ready?


Clearly, this type of heartfelt video storytelling is ideal for adoption agencies.  But it doesn’t stop there to connect with a target audience.  We can produce memorable short videos about your profound business success stories inspired by this Superbowl commercial.



Contact Diane Singh, Account Manager, to explore memorable short story videos that will win hearts for your brand:  diane@multimw.com
Cell:  724-272-7910

And when you do, wish Diane a Happy Valentine’s Day Birthday!







Engage Online

Once your short story video is completed, you can engage with your users directly online through:
• Social media (by commenting on your posts)
• Email (by addressing your users by name)
• Your Website (by personalizing your landing page experiences)These video postings will earn your business a place in the heart of customers, giving you a more personal experience with them and keeping your brand top of mind.  Let us help you do it with our social media team. Contact Karen:  karen@multimw.com

If video stories about construction projects were told, both contractors and municipalities would win appreciation for their planning and hard work, thereby endearing the communities involved.  

Currently Multi-Media Works is documenting and producing stories in video about construction projects underway that are revitalizing the City of Pompano Beach along AIA, Dixie Hwy. and a new Live! mixed use community. 


On the Scene:  Event Photography & Video

Beachcomber Resort & Club owner receives new Trustee plaque from the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce’s Jean McIntyre and Jeff Wolfe

Karen with Dr. Jamonica Rolle of Broward College

The Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce held a Board and Trustees reception at the beautifully renovated Beachcomber Resort & Club along A1A.  Multi-Media Works was on the scene photographing the event for the Chamber.  You can view the album HERE


Upcoming:  February 18   We’re producing an event video for Friends of the

Boca Raton

Public Library’s new butterfly garden planting at Spanish River Library.

To schedule photo or video coverage for your event, please contact Diane Singh, Account Manager. Cell:  724-272-7910

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

Happy Valentine’s Day

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