BALI BLOG #7: Silent Day & House Tour | Video Production in Boca Raton, Delray, Palm Beach, Broward
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BALI BLOG #7: Silent Day & House Tour

Silent Day & House Tour

BALI BLOG #7: Silent Day & House Tour

March 9, 2016 Seseh, Bali…

After the Balinese Hindu Melasti beach ritual two days ago, and Ogoh-Ogoh festivals last night, Nyepi (Silent) Day is anti-climactic as a New Year’s Day goes. On this Balinese Hindu Day of Silence–New Year’s Day–the entire island shuts down for 24 hours of introspection, meditation, reflection, resting, hanging out with family and fasting or light eating (no cooking).

Silent Day & House Tour

No one leaves the house, streets are deserted and the silence police are watching, ready to ticket anyone who ventures out for a walk or ride. Planes are not allowed to land or take off, no hotel check ins or check outs, businesses and government agencies are closed, electricity use is banned. It’s lights out for 24 hours on Nyepi Day, the start of the (lunar) new year, to rejuvenate the mind and body. Everyone observes it, four million people in silence! This is a unique experience in all the world.

At her Seseh beach house, Nadya read a book all day and I typed on computer. When nightfall descended, we could not turn on lights so we ventured upstairs to the deck in the dark and marveled at the most starry of starry skies thick with more twinkling forms than I have ever seen.

Lights out all over Bali, cue the stars. I was not even permitted the use a flashlight; it would have been considered disrespectful if noted by neighbors.

An expat from Chicago who has lived in Bali for some 30 years, Nadya designed the structure and interior of her amazing Balinese beach house. Enjoy taking the tour of it, which includes some narration.

By Karen Lustgarten Multi-Media Works
Photos: © 2016 Karen Lustgarten

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