SOCIAL MEDIA CHANGES AND TRENDS | Video Production in Boca Raton, Delray, Palm Beach, Broward
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Social media remains the fickle creature to optimize through its stages of evolution. Here are some new tips and trends to do that:

The new Google-Twitter partnership: 5 things brands should know. One is that Tweets will show up in the search engine in real time. Real-time marketing may be a good thing, but there are risks you should know about when it’s connected to a search engine.

5 things brands should know about the Google-Twitter partnership

What makes a tweet successful for lead generation, branding, and engagement?
The free ebook: The Science of Success on Twitter from HubSpot is packed with data-backed best practices to up your game on Twitter. Conclusions from studying more than 200,000 Tweets from businesses.

Which tweet will be retweeted more? There’s an algorithm for that. It analyzes your wording and suggests keywords that will optimize attention to it

New Facebook policy: The Facebook page can live on after a user dies. Facebook will allow you to designate a friend or family member to be your Facebook estate executor and manage your account after your death.

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Video Production Trends in 2015 include making videos shorter. A one- minute video will be watched by 50% more people than a two-minute video, so the more info you can communicate in less time, the better. Melding the minute with your brand style is another story.

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