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Moving pictures have a powerful effect, especially when combined with good storytelling. By skillfully combining the two in a video of any length, viewers become engaged, want to take action and have a lasting impression about your brand. Aware of the power of video, maybe you paid to have one produced about your business, nonprofit or government agency and posted it online. But here’s the important question: Is anyone watching it? Consider these three reasons why people don’t watch a video online:

1. Boring Open: You have 10-15 seconds to engage viewers before they decide to stay or click away. So clearly the video open is the most crucial element. Yet, I see so many videos with opens that guarantee no one will watch beyond those few seconds. Does your video open with one of these three common mistakes:
a) your logo or graphic up on screen too long?
b) a talking head principal person introducing him/herself and telling viewers something about your entity?
c) an unknown talking head saying something that is not outright startling? Click. Too boring.

2. No Story: Is your video just a string of quick cuts without a story or background information? Ten to 15 seconds of fast-paced, random visuals become tiresome to viewers and they disengage. There needs to be a compelling reason to watch all the quick cuts. Without story told through a thoughtful sequence of visuals with either narration, sound bites or text (or a combination of these), a series of fast-paced visuals gets tedious. Click.

3. All Sound Bites: Just as quick cuts become tedious quickly, too many sound bites have the same effect. Does your video open with a non-startling sound bite from a talking head followed by a string of more bites from different on screen interviewees? This is a common attempt at storytelling but it’s not compelling enough for viewers to stick with the video. Unless broken up by narration and a variety of other elements, a string of sound bites alone will not engage viewers for long. Click.

There are several other reasons why people may not be watching your video (s); these three are the most common ones we notice. Whether a one-minute commercial or a mini-documentary, video storytelling requires professionals who know how to write for video and combine visuals in a creative way to keep viewers engaged while accomplishing the video’s intended purpose. At Multi-Media Works, we strive to tell your special story in a powerful video with a specific intention and targeted to your audience.
–Karen Lustgarten www.multi-mediaworks.com

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